Yukiyo Senju
Yukiyo Senju - Daughter of Sayo Senju and Sister of Jashiko Senju

Yukiyo Senju


Senju-Uchiha Hybrid of the Leaf,

Master of the Sharingan,

Elite Rank Number IX (9)

Jinchuriki of the Blue-Tailed Horned Tiger

Eye Color: Brown Sharingan Eye Color: Red and Black Tomoes

Hair Color: Brown


Human, Senju Clan, Uchiha Clan, Jinchuriki

Ninja Rank/Soul Reaper Rank:

Kaipuden: Genin/Chunin

Shippuden: Chunin


S-Rank (Formerly as a Higure member)



Shikai: Rokuyari (Sixth Spear)

Bankai: Torakiba Rokuyari (Tiger Fang Sixth Spear)

Family: Parents:

Sayoko Senju (Mother)

Takeshi Uchiha (Decreased) (Father)


Jashiko Senju (Younger Brother)

Uncles or Aunts:

Tsunade Senju (Aunt)

Fumito Senju (Aunt)

Tsuraiko Senju (Aunt)

Nawaki Senju (Deceased) (Uncle)


Hanaku Senju (Deceased) (Grandfather)

Tsuyoshi Namikaze (Deceased) (Grandmother)

Hakura Senju (Decreased) (Granduncle)

Raikuro Senju (Decreased) (Granduncle)


Hashirama Senju (Decreased) (Great-Grandfather)

Mito Uzumaki (Pressumed Decreased) (Great-Grandmother)

Tobirama Senju (Decreased) (Great-Granduncle)


Tsunaku Senju (Cousin)

Rasoki Senju (Cousin)

Tenade Senju (Cousin)

Asuna Senju (Cousin)

Rakuha Senju (Cousin)

Mishiro Senju (Cousin)

Enemie(s): Akatsuki, Itachi Uchiha
Rival(s): Unknown
Partner(s): Rakuha Senju, Yakumo Kurama


Samurai World,

Knight World,

Ninja World


Shikaku Town,


Kekkei Genkai:

Sharingan (Master)

Inferno Style (Semi)

Chakra Nature:

Inferno Style (Beginner)

Speed Style (Semi)

Fire Style (Master)

Wind Style (Beginner)


Kaipuden: 11/12

Shippuden: 14/15/16

Zanpuden: 22/23/24

Team(s): Team Shizune/Squad Five

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

Yukiyo Senju is a Arunin of Konohagakure, the daughter of Sayo Senju and Takeshi Uchiha, the sister of Jashiko Senju , and the third Jinchuriki of Blue-Tailed Horned Tiger.




Ninjutsu - Speed Style: Spiraling Rasengan

Ninjutsu - Speed Style: Twister Palm Jutsu

Ninjutsu - Speed Style: Sphere Dashing Jutsu

Ninjutsu - Speed Style: Chakra Focus Palm

Ninjutsu - Speed Style: Rocket Trinity Impact

Taijutsu - Chakra Focus Palm

Taijutsu, Chakra Flow - Earth Balance: Chakra Enhanced Strength

Taijutsu, Chakra Flow - Earth Balance: Trinity Strike Jutsu

Ninjutsu - Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu

Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu - Infeno Style: Blazeball Jutsu

Ninjutsu - Infeno Style: Blazing Flare

Ninjutsu - Inferno Style: Blaze Rasengan

Ninjutsu - Infeno Style: Blazing Rocket Punch Jutsu

Kekkei Genkai, Genjutsu, Dojutsu - Tsukuyomi

Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Dojutsu - Amaterasu

Ninjutsu - Kabuha

Powers & Abilities

Sharingan: Since Yukiyo's father is a member of the Uchiha Clan and she's only half Uchiha. She inherited her father's Kekkei Genkai, the Sharingan. She first developed the Sharingan to defeat some terrible gangsters who were harming a nice girl. She defeated the gang and saved said girl. After defeating the gang, she decide to train in order to unlock the hidden powers of her Sharingan. Her first step to unlock the Sharingan was through searching the Dark World's Uchiha Clan Naka Shrine for the secrets of the Sharingan, which successfully worked. And over time, she gained a fully matured Sharingan, which allowed her to copy her predict her opponents' movements, perceive details with better accuracy, and use Genjutsu.

Yukiyo was the first female half-Uchiha to be called the Master of the Sharingan.

Mangekyo Sharingan: Not Achieve Yet!

Chakra Nature:
Yukiyo's Sharingan

Yukiyo's Sharingan



Power/Spirit/Chakra Level

Plot - Kaipuden - Part I

Search for Fumi, Sayo, and Tsuraiko Saga

Second Chunin Exam Saga

Prevention of the Uchiha Massarce Saga

Otogakure Inflitration Saga

The Grand Battle Royale Saga

The Higure's Invasion on the Five Great Ninja Villages Saga

Harukugan's Downfall Saga

The Fake Konohagakure Battle Saga

The Five Kage Summit Saga

Confining the Jinchuriki Saga

The Final Great Ninja War Saga

Yukiyo was place in the Ambush Attack Squad under Kankuro's command, preparing for the Fourth Great Ninja War. They are riding on some ink birds that Sai made.

When they landed into enemy territory, she, Sai, H, and several shinobi of Kumo, Konoha, and Suna under their captain, Kankuro's command, start setting up a camp while Yukiyo cast out a kekkei ninjutsu to protect their equipment from the enemy and their attacks, When Muta Aburame came and saw them, he felt strange to inform them about the coordinates to Madara's Base of Operation, on Elephant's Graveyard, while Muta was explaining Yukiyo use her Sharingan to detect a bomb inside of him, soon, she proforms a barrier Kido,

Series' Finale Saga

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