Waken Terumi
Kage and Third Great Ninja War Legacy 141

Waken Terumi


Child of the Prophecy,

Youngest Professor of the Mist,

Little Man (by the Fifth Mizukage),

Jinchuriki of the Six-Tailed Slug,

Jinchuriki Waken

Eye Color: Jade Green

Hair Color: Black


Human, Jinchuriki

Ninja Rank:

Kaipuden: Genin/Chunin

Shippuden: Jonin/Arunin

Zanpuden: Kage




Shikai: Kuchujira (Air Whale)

Bankai: None

Tenkai: None


Mei Terumi (Mother)

Utakata (Deceased) (Father) (Incarnation)

Mikomi Terumi (Younger Sister)

Second Six-Tails Jinchuriki (Incarnation)

First Six-Tailed Jinchuriki (Incarnation)

Enemie(s): Akatsuki, Kisame Hoshigaki, Madara Uchiha, Pain (The First Animal Path)
Rival(s): Unknown
Partner(s): Tsunaku Senju, Kaname Hoshigaki, Makira Uchiha


Ninja World



Kekkei Genkai: Lava Style (Master)

Vapor Style (Master)

Chakra Nature: Lava Style (Kekkei Genkai) (Beginner)

Vapor Style (Kekkei Genkai) (Beginner)

Water Style (Master)

Earth Style (Beginner/Semi)

Fire Style (Beginner)


Kaipuden: 12/13

Shippuden: 15/16/17

Zanpuden: 25/26/27


Kaipuden: Unknown

Gender: Male

Status: Alive

First Appearance:

Episode 21

Waken Terumi is a Genin of Kirigakure, the son of Mei Terumi, the Fifth Mizukage, and Utakata, the second Jinchuriki of the Six-Tailed Slug, a young suborniate of the Seven Swordmen of the Mist, and the fourth Jinchuriki of the Six-Tailed Slug.



Like Tsunaku, Waken was born by the DNA of the male person (Utakata's blood or hair sample as DNA) and from Mei Terumi, the Fifth Mizukage, thanks to the Sacred Stone's Tailed Beast, the Six-Tailed Slug, who rumors said that Pain capture and extract the Six Tails from Utakata, but what the Akatsuki really extracted was the remaining chakra of the Six-Tails, because thanks to Mei Terumi, she active the stone's effect, which inpregnancy her for six months, then after that time has pass, Mei finally gave birth to the new Six-Tails jinchuriki, (and it was a boy) nine yeas before the start of the story.

Mei agree that Waken was the smartest and cuteness baby to be born which she decide to have a family photo of her and little Waken, and then one day she and Waken went to the Detective World on the beach and enjoy a wonderful time, during and since that time, Mei sometime referrs Waken as her "little man".

While he was at the age of 1, he somehow went to the Diclonius World, preventing Professor Kazuzawa and Chief Kurama from killing Omori's daughter, Hanami, thanks to Ao picking him up and placing a puppet that looked like her in her place with having been fill up with ketchup (so that they are convince that it's blood), by the time, they return, Hanami started to develop a crush on Waken.

At the age of 5, Waken enter to the Kirigakure Ninja Academy since his mother change the graduation exam to a regular one, he has been lacking in little sports and genjutsu, but have been getting good grades in ninjutsu and chakra control, even created a special technology that can detect hollows and another invention as a doorway to the Dark Hollow World (it hasn't been complete yet).


Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu - Vapor Style: Solid Fog Jutsu

Ninjutsu - Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu

Powers & Abilities



Power/Spirit/Chakra Level

Plot - Part I - Kaipuden