Rogue Ninja,

Jinchuriki of the Six-Tailed Slug,

Jinchuriki Utakata

Eye Color: Orange

Hair Color: Dark Brown


Human, Jinchuriki

Ninja Rank:

Jonin/Rogue Ninja


Shikai: Unknown

Bankai: Unknown


Mei Terumi (Lover)

Waken Terumi (Son) (Reincarnation)

Mikomi Terumi (Daughter)

Second Six-Tails Jinchuriki (Incarnation)

First Six-Tails Jinchuriki (Incarnation)

Enemie(s): Pain, Harusame
Rival(s): Zabuza Momochi,
Partner(s): Mei Terumi, Harusame (Formerly)


Ninja World



Chakra Nature:

Water Style (Master)

Earth Style (Master)

Lightning Style (Master)

Fire Style (Master)

Wind Style (Semi)


Unknown (Probably Between 25-30)

Previous Team(s): Unknown

Gender: Male

Status: Deceased

Utakata was a Rogue Ninja of Kirigakure, the late Lover of Mei Terumi, the Fifth Mizukage, the father of Waken Terumi and Mikomi Terumi, and the third Jinchuriki of the Six-Tailed Slug.



Utakata became the third jinchuriki of the Six-Tails at the age of five, he enter the Kirigakure's Ninja Academy, where he met his lover, Mei Terumi, the future Fifth Mizukage, the two became spending time together, when the Graduation Exam began, just before Mei got struke down by a Kiri Academy Student, Utakata took out that student as he save her from being killed (because in secret, Utakata start to develop a young love for Mei), it was sooner that when Utakata and Mei graduate the Academy and became Genin, they were pair up with another Kiri shinobi with Kiriko as their Jonin sensei and leader.

Years later, as he already master Water Style, he also completed his Jinchuriki Quest by mastering Earth, Lightning, and Fire nature, then his second master, Harusame, Eventually, Utakata would come to claim that Harusame betrayed him, almost taking his life, for the tailed beast's power.

Accounding to a member of Kirigakure's ANBU, his master did not, in fact, betray him, but was actually trying to extract the Six-Tails from Utakata. The process didn't go as planned, and instead of removing the tailed beast, Harusame force Utakata's transformation into the Six-Tails and was killed by it.

Before he became a wanderer, Mei try to convince him to stay at Kiri, but he made his decison, even when Mei told him that she loves him.

Just before the current parts of the story, after mastering Wind Style, Mei has become the Fifth Mizukage, the two secretly mated as they loved each other, however Utakata sense a strange feeling of chakra arrival, so he use a special Fuinjutsu to seal the Six-Tails in a Sacred Stone, giving it to Mei Terumi, and with the remaining chakra of the Six-Tails, head off to fight the leader of the Akatsuki, Pain, however, due to his main source of his power, the Rinnegan, he was defeated and capture, who's remaining chakra of the Six-Tails causing him to die but without seeing a vision of his reincarnation and son, Waken Terumi.


Ninjutsu - Acid Flower

Ninjutsu - Blinding Bubbles Jutsu

Bushinjutsu, Ninjutsu - Bubble Clone Jutsu

Ninjutsu - Drowning Bubble Jutsu

Ninjutsu - Bubble Bomb

Ninjutsu - Floating Bubble Jutsu

Ninjutsu - Ink Bubble Explosion

Ninjutsu - Proctective Bubble Dome

Ninjutsu - Smokescreen Bubbles

Ninjutsu - Soap Bubble Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu - Soap Bubble Slime

Ninjutsu - Water Style: Raging Waves

Powers & Abilites



Power/Spirit/Chakra Level

Plot - Part I - Kaipuden

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