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I am Jonathan orduna or Jonas 5D's as well, my real name is Jonathan Michel Orduna, age 17 and currently a junior at Veteran Memorial High School in Brownsville, Texas.

I am the founder of Naruto and Bleach Wiki and Shinobito Wiki, my dream is to be an animation director to make an anime series that combines Naruto (original and Shippuden) and Bleach series into a series about Ninjas (translation for "shinobi") and Reapers (translation for "rebito") the physical battles and events with the spiritual beings and powers, the series will be known someday as Shinobito.


Organizations can be a individual group of shinobi who works as a part of mercenary, militiary, or personal gain originating from theior native country or homelands for a common purpose.

These are the organizations in the Great Hollow Human War as they're either the enemy or ally side:


Main Member(s)

  • ?????? Not Revealed Yet
  • ?????? Not Revealed Yet
  • Zetsu
  • Kakuzu (Age: 91)
  • Kisame Hoshigaki (Age: 28-29)
  • Itachi Uchiha (Age: 18-19)
  • ?????? Not Revealed Yet
  • Deidara Kyuzoha (Age: 16-17)
  • Hidan (Age: 17-18)
  • Tobi

Master Member(s)

  • Kenzo Denshiko (Age: 50-51 (37-38))
  • Maya Fumiko (Age: 34-35)
  • Yozuhachi Kamizuru (Age: 36-37)
  • Komatsu Senju (Age: 89-90)
  • Rikura Uroko (Age: 50-51 (32-33))
  • Yamashi Gugiha (Age: 50-51 (29-30))
  • Shikinga Kirohika (Age: 50-51 37-38))
  • Rokuri Agamai (Age: 28-29)
  • Himura Kameiki (Age: 29-30)

Apprentice Member(s)

Samurai World HQ
  • Akusa Kuchina (Ninja World) (Age: 18-19)
Detective World HQ
  • Kagatsu Genabe (Ninja World) (Age: 18-19)
  • Junika Kyuzoha (Ninja World) (Age: 17-18)
  • Higuchi (Detective World) (Age: 19-20)
Technology World HQ
  • Gawaki (Bloodlust World) (Age: 20-21)
  • Riguchi Nichiken (Technology World) (Age: 26-27)
  • Yoichida Nojura (Technology World) (Age: 18-19)

Bloodlust World HQ

  • Arato Zanaki (Ninja World)
  • Hanoko (Bloodlust World) (Age: 17)
  • Masora Senju (Bloodlust World) (Age: 17)
Islands World HQ
  • Gurika (Knight World)
  • Kurika (Knight World)
  • Tamura Denshiko (Ninja World)
Scientist World HQ
  • Gokuga (Ninja World)
  • Kitaga Takuwa (Scientist World)
  • Nakoga (Scientist World)
Harvest World HQ
  • Hoshizo (Harvest World)
  • Kizuato Kizaka (Bloodlust World) (Age: 18)
  • Mikato Hayashi (Ninja World)
Knight World HQ
  • Hiroshi (Samurai World)
  • Shoida (Knight World)
  • Takara (Scientist World)
Dark Hollow World HQ
  • Hiken Dateka (Detective World)
  • Nozomi Gokugi (Harvest World)
  • Rokuro Tasakura (Bloodlust World)

Deceased Member(s)

  • Hideyoshi Kito (Samurai World) (DIA) (Age: 19)

Former Member(s)

  • Orochimaru (Ninja World) (Age: 50-51)
  • Sasori Uzumaki (Ninja World) (Age: 27-28)
  • Saeki Kitaru (Detective World) (Age: 25-26)
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