Turbo Battles are a type of Fighting or Battles that can be by using a Turbo Speeder, riding while also fighting your opponent with your NInja and Soul Reaper Techniques on the road.


Long time ago on the Shinobi World during the Shadow Battles' regin, Ninjas use summoning animals to Turbo Battle against their opponents, along with a special way to follow and feel the wind and your nendo. Turbo Battles were then invented by Tsunaku Senju, Founder and Leader of the Underground Laboratory of Reasearch and Delevopment. By using Spiritual Chakra Powered Vehicles, Tsunaku share the blueprints with the three Kages of the Hidden Cloud, Mist, and Stone Villages (Even the 'Hidden Sand Village') to make sure that others can feel the wind and to bring back the Turbo Battles on a new century ever since the Grand Battle Royale.

On the Soul Reaper World, 110 years ago in the Soul Society, the first Squad Three Captain (Orochimaru) was the first Soul Reaper to ride a Turbo Speeder, after the S.C.R. (Which stands for Spiritual Chakra Reactor) Project was destroy and cause the Ninja and Soul Reaper World were seprated, he saw everyday hoping to reunion the two world as one again, so the legendary Squad Three Captain (Orochimaru) spent everyday of his life to built a bridge once name "Dawnlight Bridge", even the human of Kurakura Town in the past help him to built his bridge, but the Stealth Force came and stop the people of the past Karakura Town. the First Squad Three Captain (Orochimaru) had two choice, one is to be in jail for the rest of his life, so he choice to ride over the his bridge into the Ninja World and became a Legend. after that, no one ever saw him again, that's why Humans on the world of the living won't allow to have Soul Reaper powers and why Turbo Speeders and Turbo Battle aren't allow on Japan, (Only on America) until after the Shadow Dragon Saga.