Terumi Clan

Kekkei Genkai:

Vapor Style,

Lava Style



Mei Terumi,

Kurami Terumi,

Waken Terumi,

The Terumi Clan is one of the most powerful clans within Kirigakure. they wield two kekkei genkais, Lava Style and Vapor Style, since they are founded by theri Terumi Clan ancestor, Maruta Terumi.



The Terumi Clan's ancestor, Maruta, was born doing the era after the Sage of the Six Paths died appointing his younger son over his elder son to bring balances to the ninja world.


The Terumi Clan was one of the clans with the Hozuki Clan, Yuki Clan, and Gyokana Clan to find Kirigakure, but due to years of a civil war, the Terumi Clan went into hiding.

The Search for Survivors

Aside the Yuki Clan before the start the series, Kirigakure decided that the Terumi Clan is no longer, their enemy or ever has been, but rumors has it that most villagers hired purgers to kill any members of the clan, so they sent out tracker ninja to find and rescue survivors, basically children. only ten children (at the ages of 5, 6, or as infants) were saved, Mei Terumi, the current Fifth Mizukage, was saved and adopted by the previous Mizukage, Yagura.

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