Tailed Beast Chakra Arms
Classification: Tailed Beast Skill
Class: Offensive

Range: All Range


Nine-Tailed Demon Fox

Red-Tailed Demon Dragon

Naruto Uzumaki

Killer Bee

Hakura Senju

Tsuraiko Senju

Jashiko Senju

Some Jinchurikis, like Naruto uses this techniques multiple times, without it being named, in different tailed foms. He varies its uses from movement to offensive means, as merely touching one of these chakra arms can fatal burn, due to extremely potent, chakra of a Tailed Beast. Due to being chakra attach to the body, the chakra arms can grow in size and from the four-tailes and up, until the Jinchuriki controls its Tailed Beast, the arms or any part of it's body can divide into two or more fully operational appendages.

In Battle