Susanoo's Comet
Susanoo's Comet

Susanoo's Comet

The Great Fire Comet,

Susanoo's Comet

Years to Come By:

Fifty Years Once on the Ninja World,

Fifty-Five Years Once on the Soul Reaper World

Power Fuel:

Fire Style,

Vapor Style,

Lava Style,

Inferno Style

Susanoo's Comet, formerly known as the Great Fire Comet, is a comet that passes close to the Ninja World once every fifty years (It skims the upper atmosphere in fact). The comet passes close enough that the Uchiha Clan or Fire, Vapor, Lava, and Blaze Style Users are able to draw power from it as they normally do the sun, but greatly increasing their powers.


Ninja Who Drew Power From The Comet