Suna Wastelanders
Other Name(s)

Sand Wastelanders

Suna Kouyaranda

Organization Data
Headquarters Unknown
Ninja Village(s) Sunagakure
Alle(s) Unknown

The Suna Wastelanders (also known as "Suna Kouyaranda") also called the Sand Wastelanders, is a group of shinobi of Sunagakure, founded by seven shinobi and one kunoichi


After rethinking about Naruto's ideal to have more people into your life, Gaara decided to see his secret friend, Takushi Hyuga, after the Chunin Exams, they started to search, not only in the village and clan compounds. but also in the Worlds of the Shadows. While Takushi was searching for six other Suna ninja, Gaara saw to it that he would call forth his family's abandoned Compound away from the main structure of the village as he thought it would be a safe haven for newcomers from the Worlds of the Shadow (kekkei genkai users, dragon wielders, jinchuriki, and children of deceased Suna elites)


List of Members

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