Steel Style
Original User(s):

Combined Chakra Nature(s):

Lightning Style,

Earth Style

The Steel Style is an advanced chakra nature. the Steel Style is a combine nature of lightning and earth-based chakra, it's a none-kekkei genkai nature, mostly users are ninjas from Iwagakure and Kumogakure, when the user does a clap hand sign at the end of the rest of the hand signs, the ground, rocks, and anything that's earth combining his lightning chakra, creating steel, iron, or metal. Similar to Wood Style, the user can create any steel-based ninjutsu from his/her body (like a metal pole, shape and any type of weapons) for any offense, When it comes to defensive Steel Style jutsu, it is consider to be one of the best chakra nature to use, most of it creates a metal shield. Steel Style is immune to genjutsu and any type of poison as long as the steel-based chakra surrounds your body.

The most to primay use this nature is the the Steel Dragon Wielders, known as the Nopaki Clan.

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