Spirit Ribbons (also known as "Reiraku" meaning " Spirit Threads") are the visualization of Reiryoku into threads which spiritually aware people can follow. According to Rukia Kuchiki, this is a high-level technique. To the user of the technique, a Soul Reaper's spirit thread appears to be red, while that of other beings appear to be white. Ichigo Kurosaki used this technique for the first time when searching for a Whole hiding inside a pet bird, and later when he had to journey to his "inner world" (the depths of his soul) in order to find his Soul Reaper [1]powers, which were hidden in one box among millions, the boxes representing the humanity of his soul.

Spirit Ribbon Users

All Soul Reapers and Quincy have access to the Spirit Ribbons technique. However, the only two people ever seen using it are Ichigo and Uryu.

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