Speed Style 

Original Users:

Tyrannosaurs Rex,

Giant Parrots

Descened Chakra Nature:

Wind Style

Speed Style is an advaned chakra nature. Speed Style is a descended nature of Wind Style, its not a Kekkei Genkai, but the Senju Clan are the first users of this element nature along the Uzumaki and Namikaze Clan, the use of this Style is to have a feeling of freedom and to use different color of air and the user's speed in an accuracy movement within an instant. the speed techniques shows images of different matrials or elements within the light wind is that the images' attack damages are real, this nature is common to the Senju Clan and the Namikaze Clan

Advantages and Weakness

List of Users

Tsunaku Senju

Tsunade Senju

Hanaku Senju

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