Psychic Style
Original Users:

Descentant Nature:

Water Style

Psychic Style is an advanced chakra nature. Psychic Style is a descended nature of Water Style, its not a Kekkei Genkai nor Tota, those with the ability of spiritual pressure or once been born a Diclonius, can easily learn and master it by manifesting their spiritial energy like how to manifest water, this nature can be use with spiritual energy, vibrating energy, only being called "psychic energy". the main usages of this nature is that the user's eyes glows either blue or pink, depending on what gender they are, having their chakra nature flowing on them, creating visible energy arms or attacks, walking or moving through solid objects, instant sensing chakra, spiritual pressure, taking others' will and/or body, reading minds, to be able to see into the past or future, and develop jikukan ninjutsu to travel back or front into time


List of Psychic Style Users

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