A Ninja Clan (also known as "Ichizoku") is loosest sense of the term, refers to a family of a group of shinobi who form a basic u

Symbols of many unknown/known clans

nit of a shinobi village. Majority of these clans were known to have started out as mercenary military forces even before the First Great Ninja War. The Senju Clan and Uchiha Clan were the first known clans to have agreed to settle and form a shinobi villages, facilitated by creating agreements with the daimyo of the land they inhabit. Many clans would follow the example of the Senju and the Uchiha, later establishing the Five Great Nations as they are known today.

Membership in a clan is usually determined by blood relations and genetics, which is vital in the usage of Kekkei Genkai and Hiden Jutsu. These attributes and abilities made many clans feared and renowned throughout many villages. While clans may be composed of many individuals and extended families, many clans mentioned and seen in the series were somewhat limited to a nuclear family.

List of Notable Clans

Akerama Clan

Akumaki Clan

Burupia Clan

Chitobi Clan

Gyokame Clan

Hayashi Clan

Hekisan Clan

Hozuki Clan

Hyuga Clan

Kiroshika Clan

Kunimono Clan

Kyoko Clan

Mitsukai Clan

Namabeta Clan

Namikaze Clan

Nirotoku Clan

Nopaki Clan

Raigaki Clan

Senju Clan

Shakutsu Clan

Suchiru Clan

Terumi Clan

Uchiha Clan

Uzumaki Clan

Yotsuki Clan

Yuki Clan

Zantogi Clan