Nadeshikogakure - Ninja Pink Flower Village
Nadeshiko village
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Nadeshiko Village (Nadeshiko no Sato, liternal meaning for "Ninje Village of Pink Flowers" or "Pink Flower Village") is a ninja village located near the Land of Water. The families of this village are organized through matrilineality, a women-populace village. Women from this village must venture outside to find men strong enough to defeat them, resulting in them being taken to the village to marry the kunoichi they defeated.


It is unknown if this village had taken part in the last Three Great Ninja Wars, but after the Second Great Ninja War, Jiraiya visited Nadeshiko as he was "researching" for his next book, the Nadeshiko kunochi spotted him and try to stop him, the future leader, Rikuka was the only one to chanllenge Jiraiya in a duel to have his hand in marriage.

However the duel ended in a draw and in exchange to allow him to leave and consider an ally, Jiraiya gave her a sacred stone (if she ever desired a second daughter, even in old age) cotaining the Ten-Tailed Phoenix, making their village one of the strongest after Takigakure.

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