Morikawa Senju
Morikawa Senju

Morikawa Senju


Chief Morikawa

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown


Human, Senju Clan

Ninja Rank:





Shikai: Unknown

Bankai: Unknown


Mizutani Senju (Deceased) (Younger Sister)

Harako Yataka (Nephew)

Enemie(s): Yu Asakura, Akatsuki, Misako, Madara Uchiha
Rival(s): Le Tori, Kaminada
Partner(s): Mizutani Senju, Angel, Le Tori, X, Kaminada, Morikawa's partner


Ninja World,

Detective World



Kekkei Genkai:

Wood Style (Master)

Chakra Nature:

Wood Style (Kekkei Genkai) (Semi)

Dark Style (Master)

Water Style (Semi)

Earth Style (Master)

Fire Style (Master)

Wind Style (Master)


Kaipuden: 30/31

Shippuden: 33/34/35


Team Fumi

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

First Appearance:

Morikawa Senju is a surviving member of the Senju Clan with her younger sister, Mizutani Senju, a chief and hunter of a Police Enforcers, and the aunt of Harako Yataka.



Morikawa was birth one year after her younger sister, Mizuta, and in the Southern Senju Temple, their parents have always train and love them vey much. In a celebration of the end of the First Great Ninja War, Morikawa and her family were enjoying the party in the Southern Senju Temple, but they saw a masked man fighting the Second Hokage, as Susanoo's Comet appears, the elders decided to evacuate the younglings, first. When Morikawa and Mizutani (along with a couple of younglings) saw the others escape outside of the Senju Temple, their parents and the rest of the clan members were destroy by Madara, then Hanaku came by and saw the sisters still in the temple, Madara was almost gonna kill the sisters until Hanaku decide to the strike in the center of his being. As Sazaku and Hiruzen came, Madara decide to leave, then as they rescue them (since Morikawa at that time was 1 years old and Mizutani, a baby), for Mizutani's sake, she vows to train harder in order to kill the man who murder their parents and most of the clan.

When Konoha ninja founded them and the survivors, they were taken into the village. At the age of 13, (along with Mizutani at the age of 12) Morika and Mizuta were made the first two students of Fumito Senju, the daughter of the Founding First Hokage/Hero of the Leaf (the daughter of the man who saved them), with enough training, Morika mastered Dark Style as Mizuta mastered their clan's Kekkei Genkai, the Wood Style.

During the Second Great Ninja War at its end, Morikawa and Mizutani saw the masked man of the Akatsuki, and were ready to avenge their parents' death, during the fight they teleport into the Detective World, as during their teenage years, Morika worked very hard to become the 2th Division Police Chief.


Powers & Abilities

Plot - Part I - Kaipuden

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