Konoha Frontiers
Other Name(s)

Leaf Frontiers

Konoha Furonteia

Organization Data
Headquarter(s) Unknown
Ninja Village(s) Konohagakure

Senju Clan

Uchiha Clan

Nara Clan

Hyuga Clan

Sarutobi Clan

Samurai World

The Konoha Frontiers (also known as "Konoha Furonteia") and also called the Leaf Frontiers, is a group of shinobi from Konohagakure founded by five shinobi and three kunoichi.


Following Team Tsubaki's first mission success, at the night, Tsunaku Senju dream of meeting Sasuke Uchiha once again, but saw that he was channeling dark blue chakra and cloaking himself in it with the appearance of a hound, then saw Naruto came along, cloak in the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's chakra telling him about some of the jinchuriki's existence and (in the Nine-Tailed Fox and Hound's words) strength up Tsunaku, they told him to make a choice; either sit back and watch his fellow jinchuriki friend and rival kill each other or do what he pledge to do, to protect and save those he cares.

In the morning, Tsunaku research a lot about Orochimaru's background, he set out to Orochimaru's eastern hideout with the help of his Giant Parrot Kukaro. As he got deeper into the hideout, (Without the presence of either Orochimaru or Guren), he found Suigetsu Hozuki in a capsule imprisonment, they began talking to each other of their lives, then Suigetsu, after hearing Tsunaku's ideas and his promise to become stronger to be the new leader of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hiddden Mist, he decide to not only follow him back to Konoha, but become his first ever outsider friend, so Tsunaku use his Zanpakuto to break Suigetsu free of his imprison and found the Zanpakuto that was wielded by Zabuza Momochi, making it his Zanpakuto. Then after recruiting Karin and Jugo, they returned to Konoha and later went to the Worlds of the Shadows to save billions of surviving lives against the Akatsuki and their Hollow Army.

Tsunaku decided to form an organization that represents justice, peace, and hope, something he referred it to as the "Leaf Frontiers".

List of Members

List of Member(s) Ninja Rank Position Ninja Clan Significant Skill Status Designation(s)
Founding Members
Tsunaku Senju Chunin

Founding Member,


Senju Clan

Speed Style,

Wood Style,


Active LC01
Naruto Uzumaki Chunin

Founding Member,


Uzumaki Clan,

Namikaze Clan

Wind Style,


Active LC02
Sasuke Uchiha Chunin

Founding Member,


Uchiha Clan

Fire Style,

Lightning Style,


Active LC03
Shikamaru Nara Chunin

Founding Member,

Mission Assigner

Nara Clan Shadow Possession Jutsu Active LC04
Hinata Hyuga Chunin Founding Member Hyuga Clan


Gente Fist

Active LC05
Suigetsu Hozuki Genin Founding Member Hozuki Clan

Ice Fist,

Hydration Jutsu

Active LG06
Yukiyo Senju Genin Founding Member

Senju Clan,

Uchiha Clan


Fire Style

Active LG07
Shizuki Namikaze Genin Founding Member Namikaze Clan

Nadeshiko Style,

Inferno Style

Active LG08
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