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Main Power Source: Tailed Beast
Primary Seal The Mark of a Jinchuriki

The Jinchuriki are a race of humans that have a Tailed Beast seal within them. They exhibit extraordinary powers, and in some cases are more powerful than their Tailed Beasts, because they have the intelligence to use the beast's powers effectively.

History (Soul Reaper World)

History (Ninja World)

The first Jinchuriki was the Sage of Six Paths, who sealed the Ten Tailed Beast within to save the world, but before his death, the Sage use Izanagi to divided the Ten Tails' chakra into nine separate tailed beasts, and before using Planetary Devastation sealed the Ten Tails' body (Which transforms into a Tailed Demon Immortal) into the moon. By the time of formation of the shinobi villages, Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage, used his Wood Style techniques to capture and give several tailed beasts to the other shinobi villages as peace treaties, in order to stabilize the balance of power between them, but after Hashirama's death, the villages had trouble containing the beasts. The Second Kazekage of Sunagakure was the first to research the Jinchuriki, with the other villages following soon after, with hopes to use the beasts as weapons in human hosts, or in Konohagakure's case, keep the beasts from doing harm to their village.



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