Hozuki Clan
300PX Hozuki Clan

Hozuki Clan

Element Type: Ice Fist



First Mizukage,

Isogetsu Hozuki,

Suigetsu and Mangetsu's mother,

Mangetsu Hozuki,

Suigetsu Hozuki

The Hozuki Clan is a ninja that originated from Kirigakure.

The clan possess the ability to turn their bodies into a liquid form using the Hydration Jutsu. This ability however seems to require that they stay hydrated at all time, so they carry water bottles around with them. They also specialize in Ice Style ninjutsu and taijutsu and the one known as "Ice Fist". Since the clan follows the ways of the Ice Dragons, they are basically Ice Dragon Wielders.

The Hozuki were one of the clans responsible in the founding of Kirigakure, along with the Gyokana Clan and befriended the Senju Clan, Terumi Clan, and Yuki Clan.



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