Harako Senju (Founder); Detective World

Summer Midori (Vice-Leader); Detective World

Hifuku (Original Founder, Deceased); Detective World


Worlds of the Shadows,

Dectective World,

Technology World,

Samurai World,

Night Force World,

Light Kindness World,

Witch/Warlock World

The Higure (Means "Dusk" or "Nightbreak") is a organization of children who's parents are Ninja and Jinchuriki of the Ninja World created during the event of the eighty year Great Hollow War.


This organization was founded in Islands World by Hifuku, Harako Mizutani, and Summer Midori after training for three months in a Hideout ( the original headquarters) on the Knight World, after countless battles, they decide to move and find a new location, also someday returning to their old headquarters.

During their time on the second headquarters on the Islands World, a couple of young women despite the war, so they decide to be one of the original members of the Higure as well, they mark their territories where they destroy any Hollow or Human armies' base of operations, under Hifumi's leadership.

A year later, Hifumi and Harako were ambush by the King of the Knight World, taking Summer as a hostage, in order to have her back unharmed, Rokariza told Harako to murder the leader ( the main source of what he thought) of their organization, Hifumi, but Harako was confuse with what to decise is either take the life of his best friend or let their friend, Summer be killed by Rokariza, so Hifumi decide to conmit sucide on himself, after he felt to the ground, Summer began to cry, as Rokariza told his men to finish off Harako, but he decide to avenge his best friend's death, his unlease a large Cero at them, manage to rescue Summer, but almost has kill by an explosion set by Rokariza, However Harako survive the explosion, generating his body to fight as he use a summoning jutsu to bring out a Hollow-like statue, using a special kind of Hollow technique images like dragon toward Rokariza's men, detroying them, as onr of his hollow-like dragon makes an angry look at the man who made Hifumi conmit his sucide death, and murders him, with a wicked smile of finally having his short revenge. Afterward Harako took over as the leader of the Higure, evaluting the men and women who are still pure and innocent and destroy Sin City and those loyal to Rokariza. Then start to search and recruit young children of the Worlds of the Shadows whose parent are either shinobi or jinchuriki, and with great potenial and ability to achieve his search for peace and to end the Great Hollow War.

Main Goals

Harako's Goal

To capture both strong Hollow and Human officers for their souls or in this case, their Spiritual Pressure. for the last six years, Shadow has been capturing alot of Human and Hollow officers for their Spiritual Pressure to complete the creation of Harako's Hogyoku, achieving the power to surpass those who have to destroy him or anyone like him. To make the Humans of the Worlds of the Shadows to stop their warfare and to be feared at Harako, as the divine entity that transcends the boundaries between Hollows and Soul Reapers.

Parent(s)/Family of the Higure's Members

Current Members

Elite Rank Member(s)
Members Status Origin of World Position Rank
Harako Senju/Shadow Senju/Azuna Senju Alive Detective World


Ultimate Weapon

Elite Rank Number 0 (Zero)
Shaku Hozuki Alive Bloodlust World

Ultimate Weapon,

Ice Style User,

Dragon Wielder

Elite Rank Number I (One)
Summer Midori Alive Dectective World

Second in Command,

Rinnegan User

Rank Number II (Two)
Hinaro Akerama Alive Sealight World


Plasma Style User

Rank Number III (Three)
Yuraiku Alive Science Force World Long-Range, Mid-Range Specialist Rank Number IV (Four)
Goriku Uzumaki Alive Unknown Sealing Jutsu Specialist Rank Number V (Five)
Hirudo Nopaki Alive Blackmailed World


Chakra Flow Specialist

Rank Number VI (Six)
Toruta Uchiha Alive Sealight World Sharingan User Rank Number VII (Seven)
Katsuni Hayashi Alive Blood Lust World Wood Style User Rank Number VIII (Eight)
Kajumi Alive Unknown Rank Number IX (Nine)
Karudo Senju Alive Detective World Rank Number X (Ten)
Top Rank Member(s)
Vacant Alive Rank Number XI (Eleven)
Vacant Alive Rank Number XII (Twelve)
Vacant Alive Rank Number XIII (Thirteen)
Vacant Alive Rank Number XIV (Fourteen)
Vacant Alive Top Rank Number XV (Fifteen)
Vacant Alive Top Rank Number XVI (Sixteen)
Vacant Alive Top Rank Number XVII (Seventeen)
Vacant Alive Top Rank Number XVIII (Eighteen)
Vacant Alive Top Rank Number XIX (Ninteen)
Vacant Alive Top Rank Number XX (Twenty)
Ultra Rank Member(s)
Vacant Ultra Rank Number XXI (Twenty-One)
Vacant Ultra Rank Number XXII (Twenty-Two)
Vacant Ultra Rank Number XXIII (Twenty-Three)
Vacant Ultra Rank Number XXIV (Twenty-Four)
Vacant Ultra Rank Number XXV (Twenty-Five)
Vacant Ultra Rank Number XXVI (Twenty-Six)
Vacant Ultra Rank Number XXVII (Twenty-Seven)
Vacant Ultra Rank Number XXVIII (Twenty-Eight)
Vacant Ultra Rank Number XXIX (Twenty-Nine)
Vacant Ultra Rank Number XXX (Thirty)
Great Rank Member(s)
Vacant Great Rank Number XXXI (Thirty-One)
Vacant Great Rank Number XXXII (Thirty-Two)
Vacant Great Rank Number XXXIII (Thirty-Three)
Vacant Great Rank Number XXXIV (Thirty-Four)
Vacant Great Rank Number XXXV (Thirty-Five)
Vacant Great Rank Number XXXVI (Thirty-Six)
Vacant Great Rank Number XXXVII (Thirty-Seven)
Vacant Great Rank Number XXXVIII (Thirty-Eight)
Vacant Great Rank Number XXXIX (Thirty-Nine)
Vacant Great Rank Number XXXX (Forty)
Special Rank Member(s)
Arudokage (Ultimate Shadow Path) Unknown Combination Fusion Android of the Six Paths of Shadow Special Rank Number 100 (Hundred)
Vacant Unknown Unknown Special Rank Number 101 (Hundred One)


Unknown Special Rank Number 102 (Hundred Two)
Vacant Unknown Unknown Special Rank Number 103 (Hundred Three)
Vacant Unknown Unknown Special Rank Number 104 (Hundred Four)
Ichiba Sharo (First Shadow Path) Deactivated Android Created from Hiruku's Copy Corpse Special Rank Number 105 (Hundred Five)
Sukeiri Michi (Second Shadow Path) Deactivated Android Created from Nami Kumagai's Corpse Special Rank Number 106 (Hundred Six)
Sanrui Kagepasu (Third Shadow Path) Deactivated Android Created from Kouji Takayanagi's Corpse Special Rank Number 107 (Hundred Seven)
Yokka Kamapato (Fourth Shadow Path) Deactivated Android Created from Takeshi Nino's Corpse Special Rank Number 108 (Hundred Eight)
Gomori Masuji (Fifth Shadow Path) Deactivated Android Created from Matsui's Corpse Special Rank Number 109 (Hundred Nine)
Banka Kakomi (Sixth Shadow Path) Deactivated Andriod Created from Keita's Corpse Special Rank Number 110 (Hundred Ten)

Former Members

Former Members
List of Former Members Status Specialist() Rank()
Hifumi Deceased Leader Rank Number I (1)
Rio Deceased Researcher Rank Number VII (7)
Yomashi Hakisu Deceased


Former Diclonius,

Rank Number IV (4)
Suigetsu Hozuki Defected Sword Specialist Rank Number III (3)
Yukiyo Senju Defected Sharingan User Rank Number VIII (8)
Rakuha Senju Defected
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