Great Hollow-Human War
Human Allies

Hollow Axis




Samurai Supreme Leader (Samurai World)

S.W.I.M General (Swimmer World)

X (Detective World)

Harukugan (Hollow Lord),

Madara Uchiha (Sumpreme Leader),

Rikurei Ochi (Second-in-Command)

Harako Yataka (Co-Founder and Supreme Leader),

Hifumi (Co-Founder and Leader; Deceased),

Summer Midori (Co-Founder and Second-in-Command)


That Are Still In Possession:


In Their Possession:


In Their Possession:

Samurai World

Detective World

Technology World

Scientist World

Islands World

Bloodlust World

Harvest World

Dark Hollow World

Knight World

Primary Power(s):




Primary Power(s):




Primary Power(s):




Tailed Beast,

Dragon Wielder,


Outcome(s): Outcome(s): Outcome(s):

The Hollow-Human War is the current conflict between the Human of the Worlds of the Shadows against the Hollows of the Dark Hollow World under the command of the Akatsuki and the Hollow Lord Harukugan, this war has been continnue for over eighty years.


The Beginning of the War

Madara meeting and allied with Harukugan

Shinobi and Kunoichi of the Ninja World accidently entering the Worlds of the Shadows

The Original Higure Organization

The Origin of Shadow

After witnessing his first pain of losing his mother, Mizutani and the death of his best friend and leader, Hifumi, on the Knight World by Rokariza, the previous ruler of the world, when he order his men to lauch spear at him, Harako lauch a Cero at the spears, then summon a Hollow-like status that unleased dragon-like hollows at the soilders stealing their souls, with the men down, Rokariza was defenseless, which made Harako angrly lauch one more attack on him, which kill him, after looking insainty-like, he take Hifumi's headband as he take his place as the leader of the Higure.

During their invasion, a couple of soilders and people (aside the women and children) who were still loyal to Rokariza were killed by Shadow and his very first path of the Six Paths of Shadow, the First Shadow Path, that was Hifuku's deceased body rebuilt with machinery and the infuse powers of Harako Senju, who abandoned his humanity, along with losing three members (by dying) the first two were Rio and Reika Tetsuoka, but almost lost Gishiro Uzumaki, (the unknown daughter of Hiroko Takashiro), Rio and Reika were place in deathbeds and buried them in their graves, by Shadow and Summer Midori, and place Gishiro in a healing chamber (as she, like Harako, separated her entire being into two individual beings). Harako take the position and name "Lord Shadow" or sometimes the "Divine Being" as he became the new ruler of the rebuilt and renamed kingdom, "Destiny City" with Summer as his second-in-command as the "Summer Spirit".

Shadow's Search for Recruits

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