Chakra Disruption Blades
Chakra Disruption Blades

Chakra Disruption Blades

Created By: Nagato
Used For: Attacking Opponents
Used in Which World(s): Ninja World

The Chakra Disruption Blades are blades made from the same material as the chakra receivers used by Nagato and connected to the Rinnegan and the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, as the same rods are seen emanating from the statue to pierce Nagato at one point. Pain creates the blades as needed from both arms of each path (with preference on the right hand), with no apparent limit on the length as they emerge from what appears to be the third rod away from the hand on the forearm. Nagato can also detach the blade from the arms when requiring to use several of them, or to be thrown as harpoons. Each of these blades disrupt the chakra of its victim, injuring them or rendering them incapable of moving. When a victim is stabbed by the blades, the Rinnegan appears in their mind, suggesting that Nagato has some degree of influence over them, similar to how he controls the Six Paths. The blades are very sharp, as they were able to pierce Naruto and Jiraiya's skin while they were in Sage Mode. In the anime, they are shown to have a red reflection. The blades themselves are hard enough to break knives though it is shown that they too can be broken with enough strength.


Out of all the Six Paths of Pain, the Deva Path uses the blades the most. Nagato, due to being immobile, can fire his chakra disruption blades from his mechanical seat, which then allows him to control the victims like one of the paths due to the close proximity between each other. While in Sage Mode, and with help from Nine-Tailed Demon Fox chakra, Naruto was able to resist Nagato's influence even after being impaled by one of these blades.

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