Title(s) Ultimate Ninja
Rank(s) S-Rank
Homeworld(s) Ninja World

Arunin ( Meaning "Ultimate Ninja" Viz Meaning "Strongest Ninja") are a new rank generally experienced shinobi invented by Tsunaku Senju after the first Grand Battle Royale was over, this rank is between Jonin and Kage. they are often sent to S-Rank missions, and are allow to choose the other rank ninja in their own four men team for important missions (mainly involves with cleansing Hollows or a large number of Gillians). It is newly usual for Arunin to go on missions alone. Arunin are allow to use one or five types of Chakra Natures, some genjutsu, above-average taijutsu, Zanjutsu and Hakuda, along with some Kido, and high level Hoho.

To become a Arunin

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